Hampton Moore

Voltunteer DodeaScholar

https://volunteer.dodeascholar.com/ - A volunteer time tracker built for my school's NJHS, but works with any DoDEA school. If you would like this expanded to your district please send me an email "me (at) hampton (dot) pw"


https://dodeascholar.com/ - A gradebook viewer I build for DoDEA students that calculates GPA and looks good on mobile


https://github.com/herohamp/Analytics - A crappy self-hosted analytics sever for my websites with a MySQL backend


https://github.com/herohamp/JSSpeedtests - Benchmarking a few different ways to do common tasks in Javascript to find the most efficent way


https://rot-api.hampton.pw/ - I programmatically ran every degree of ROT on every english word, then tested if it was another english word and compiled it all into a database