I am pretty sure I speak as all of the tech people you know when I say, “stop saying you have some great app that I should help you make”. Why? Because most your app ideas are going to suck, already be made, or be pointless.

“No, because my app is like tinder, but only for people who like science”- Well why would they not just use tinder, or what stops TINDER from adding that feature.

“Well, my app will be better than the apps already out there”- First of all, how? How will it be better? Second of all, what stops the already popular app you are competing with from adding in that feature and retaining all of its users?

“Well, I want to make a game!”- Ok, have fun with marketing it, keeping it updated, and somehow still making money from it”

Now I’m not coming from some high point, I have never made an app, and don’t plan to. I am just sick of seeing and hearing about peoples’ new “awesome” app idea that they want me to make. Just because I am a programmer and your friend does not mean I will do what you ask. Especially if it is a stupid app idea.