pro· gram· mer(n) An organism capable of converting caffeine into code.


nixCraft @nixcraft 19 Jun 2015
"The best thing about a boolean is even if you are wrong, you are only off by a bit." -- Anonymous #Funny #QuotesOfTheDay #Programming

My private agario server
A website to show the amount of time left till mcps schools get out!
I test game and preparation for LD 38.
Sumo-io is a game I made in my free time. The Server have been closed but it is fully opensourced
A HTML, JS, CSS ide 100% online. It has live demos and multiple files!
A old spambot program I wrote to piss of my friends and family xD it only works on mac and will spam any IMessage or phone number! Side Note : Gosh does adding this bring back some old memories. May Break Or Be Broken!
I was annoyed with how many buttons I needed to click to use the Drac5 GUI so I made this! It may not look good but it sure as heck works!
My text editor I made while learning C++. You will need to compile it yourself.
The name may sound like I hate Math but no I only hate the Math. infront of math command in javascript. This simple script removes the need!
KeyGen is a key generator for javascript that can be used to generate product keys. The keys have a built in check charater and more to come!
GitSquared was a old game I was working on with some friends. We Stopped developement out of boredom and what not.
A php file lister made by me a long time ago. May Break Or Be Broken!