Who the heck is this dude

Well, I am a full stack web-developer (aka I am fluent in Javascript, HTML5, CSS, PHP, NodeJS), I am also good with C++, MongoDB, AngularJS, SQL, Visual Basic, Apple Script, and Nginx. When I am not spending almost every hour on my computer, I am enjoying physics, chemistry, engineering, and math. Oh yeah I am also a Trekkie. Did I forget to mention I love computer science and a lover of the great linux?

My Stuff

My Stuff

On occasion I produce some cool stuff, you will find that cool stuff below


A little thing it put togather which is kinda getting popular around my school, so I figured why not make it public



A personal assitant I made because I was bored. (Pst, send help what is my life)


Server Manage

An open source way to manage multiple servers, currently in beta and lacks MANY MANY stuff