Hampton Moore

Simple Browser Fingerprinting

Simple Plug and Play Browser Fingerprinting

5 Second Read

Various Code.org Tools

For my computer science class I've developed many different tools for Code.org and decided to share them

6 Minute Read

Using Minecraft To Store Data

Finding an efficent density for storing data inside Minecraft

10 Minute Read

Deploying NodeJS Programs

An overview of a few easy ways to deploy NodeJS programs

2 Minute Read

Ai Recolors New Mexico State Flag

Using Ai to recolor the New Mexico state flag based on user feedback.

2 Minute Read

Deploying Sites with Gogs and Traefik

Using Gogs to automatically push updated versions of a website to a traefik webserver

2 Minute Read


The palette that I use when designing my webpages

1 Minute Read